Amazing Flying Machines

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Amazing Flying Machines (Chapter 1 of 3)


The year 1911, the scientist known as Tesla has discovered that gold has quantum magical properties that allow the user to manipulate matter and create objects at will. These objects have to be patterned in an engine device also made of gold. The subsequent attack by Pirates, naming themselves the “Plague of Black Heel Mountain”, have hampered the world’s ability to materialize free objects of any imagination by stealing the world’s gold supply.

Tesla’s creation would have brought the freedom to create based on one’s imagination to all humankind.

A Guild of death defying and stupendous Pilots have been put together to fly Dirigibles, or Blimps as they are commonly known and outfitted with Tesla’s devices and return the World’s gold and it’s righteous owners, the people of Earth.

Future Installments

This is Chapter 1, part 1 of a 3 part series. We hope, with your support to release 2 more large updates.
Update 1: The Pirates Revenge: Players get to choose to play the Pirates!
Update 2: War of Gold: A world war of Gold ensues with a hybrid aRTS game and players worldwide compete against each other!

The Plague of Black Heel Mountain

FREE Available Now:  Amazing Flying Machines for iPad 2 & 3

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